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Mid-Length is an intermediate style of surfboard that adapts to most wave and surfer conditions. It offers you the best of both worlds: modern surfing on a board with retro features.
With a 70s-inspired outline, modern rails and a bottom with channels that let you grip by channeling the water to the tail, they bring you back to basics and unleash the soul surfer inside you.
Pivot and Flow are what Surfing is all about!


Fin System

 • Twin (Futures)

• Twin (FCS II)

• Twin +1 (Futures)

• Twin +1 (FCS II)






• Blank - PU (Polyurethane) high quality blank

• Glass Layup - standard lamination with 6oz+4oz deck and 4oz bottom

• Resin - high quality Polyester resin


Suggested Colors

All Lightning Bolt surfboards can be customized.

Contact us for more information.


Lightning Bolt Mid-Length


Length 6'6 6'8 6'10 7'0 7'2 7'4 7'6
Width 21 3/4" 21 7/8" 22" 22 1/8" 22 1/4" 22 3/8" 22 1/2"
Thickness 2 1/2" 2 9/16" 2 5/8" 2 11/16" 2 3/4" 2 13/16" 2 7/8"
Volume 41.1L 43.4L 45.9L 48.3L 50.9L 53.6L 56.4L



The surfboards have a special shipping. The estimated time, from construction to shipping, can vary between 6 and 12 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact

We do not return surfboards due to their customization. Check all the information about Shipping & Returns here.

Schedule a meeting with our expert shapers today for unparalleled service and technical support tailored to your surfing needs. Send an email to and we will help you!

Certified Lightning Bolt Surfboards

Lightning Bolt Hologram & Qr-Code

Ref. 20AUNSBD324

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