Making clothes people are proud to wear and to withstand a lifestyle through elements.

From 1971 until now, the brand’s philosophy is grounded on a cultural boldness, a pioneering message in environmental protection and a unique legacy to keep, share and expand for the common good.

Since the beginning, we’ve been spreading environmentally friendly messages worldwide like the iconic statements on the ‘70s hang tags «Keep this Land Beautiful» or «Destroy the waves, not the beaches» on garments in the late ‘80s.

Currently, these messages are iconic manifestations of the brand and its relationship with the environment.

It’s been always about expressing ourselves and relating to nature.

Sustainability is in each and every choice.

When buying a new garment, it is important to know the compositions and production processes involved. After all, we may be making yet another contribution to a more sustainable and balanced path in the consumption chain. Informed and sustained decisions are conscious decisions.

So, which garments should we prefer? Those that, due to their attributes, represent a lower environmental impact!


The company prides itself on sourcing premium product for the conscious consumer that emphasizes quality, style and utility as well as supporting local manufacturing. We are cautious and selective in the choice of sustainable materials and of our suppliers.

Lightning Bolt production is mostly developed in Europe, which allows us to ensure that our products are developed in a socially and ecologically responsible environment.

“Made in Portugal” is a symbol of quality and reliability. The country has long been known for its tradition of textile production, which is combined with the innovation and modernization of a new generation that, based on the heritage and know-how of years, is focused on quality and environmental certification within the framework of European standards.

Lightning Bolt is proud to be part of one of the leading textile Groups to become certified under quality processes and management systems to meet international standards - EN ISO 9000, EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NP 4397, OHSAS 18000, GOTS and OKÖ-TEX specifications.


Organic Cotton

Lightning Bolt works largely with organic cotton from certified supply chains. In short, in the production of organic cotton, tradition, innovation and science come together in favor of greater sustainability and benefit to the environment.

Recycled Cotton

In addition to organic cotton, recycled cotton is also a more sustainable option, allowing you to avoid/reduce all consumption of a new production, give new life to surpluses and remnants of the textile industry and prevent them from being given an incorrect destination.

Recycled Polyester

By choosing recycled polyester made from certified and traceable «upcycled marine plastic», we’re able to deliver the same performance in fibers with a smaller environmental footprint.


Natural fibers, such as cotton and linen, are considered a better choice from a sustainability perspective compared to synthetic fibers. And they are increasingly present in our collections!


DTG Printing (Direct-to-Garment Printing)

As the name implies, DTG is a textile printing process that allows printing directly onto the garment. There are two major innovations regarding this printing method:

• It uses water-based inks, without chemicals ou artificial dyes, 100% biodegradable

• Offers high-quality, detailed, photo-realistic prints

Reuse, Reduce, Remake

The upcycling concept is increasingly present in our productions.

We reuse fabrics that have sat in our warehouse and give them a new life. This has reduced the idea of waste and recreated a new element of “Remake”.

Reduction, reuse and recycling are concepts present in our production chain.




Lightning Bolt Ecoboards are certified with the “Gold Level” seal, awarded by the Ecoboard Project (an international program runned by Sustainable Surf, an American non-profit organization), to the most sustainable surfboards and manufacturers, which prove to have the greatest reduction in environmental impact.

• 70% lower environmental impact in every board produced

• 45% reduction on resin consumption and waste

• The same technical performance


Since the beginning, Lightning Bolt has gone far beyond surfing as a sport.

The core message is that surfing is a lifestyle that, along with an adventurous spirit and values such as inclusion, stimulates physical and mental development, allowing a deep connection with Nature. This is why in our events we choose to be present in Festivals and Events with a sustainable position and spread
environmental messages such as the “Destroy the Waves, not the Beaches”.

Our goal is to continue to build a community and raise awareness towards sustainability.

We love the ocean, we love the mountains and we love being outdoors.

Thus, we could only strive to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations and make a positive impact on all living beings and the planet.

With a knowledge of the past in mind and the will to contribute to a world able to sustain our future generations, Lightning Bolt remains committed to its ethos: A Pure Source.