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Lightning Bolt's Longboard made of ecological material (EPOXY) is a versatile longboard for surfers who want to surf in a classic style but still be able to put down some hard turns. With a single concave nose it is perfect for walking and nose riding. These boards are great for the serious longboarder but also can help anyone who is slower to there feet or can’t seem to catch the waves in time. Anything from the smallest days to real punch and from learner to seasoned surfers. This Longboard is a all round board for all conditions and styles of riding. Authenticity brand hologram.


Fin System

• Single + Twin (Futures)

• Single + Twin (FCS II)



Polish Gloss



• Blank - EPS (Expanded Polyestyrene) high quality blank

• Glass Layup - standard lamination with 6oz+Basalt Woven Fabric deck and 6oz bottom

• Resin - high quality Epoxy resin


Suggested Colors

All Lightning Bolt surfboards can be customized.

Contact us for more information.


Lightning Bolt Longboard


Length 9'0 9'2 9'4
Width 22 5/8" 22 7/8" 23"
Thickness 2 3/4" 2 7/8" 3"
Volume 63.6L 68.8L 73.4L



The surfboards have a special shipping. The estimated time, from construction to shipping, can vary between 6 and 12 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact

We do not return surfboards due to their customization. Check all the information about Shipping & Returns here.

Schedule a meeting with our expert shapers today for unparalleled service and technical support tailored to your surfing needs. Send an email to and we will help you!

Certified Lightning Bolt Surfboards

Lightning Bolt Hologram & Qr-Code

Ref. 20AUNSBD106

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