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While these shapes were the state of the art in the 70’s, now they are collector items.
These boards take us back to exactly what Gerry Lopez rode in the 1970’s whether it was at the Pipeline, Ala Moana or wherever the person who gets one wants to go with their memories.
The iconic Pipeliner by Gerry Lopez is an exact replica of the original shape, handcrafted using the original templates, rockers and the same glassing techniques.



Polish Gloss


Suggested Colors

All Lightning Bolt surfboards can be customized.

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Lightning Bolt Pipeliner
By Gerry Lopez


Length 7'6
Width 19"
Thickness 3"



The surfboards have a special shipping. The estimated time, from construction to shipping, can vary between 6 and 12 weeks. If you have any questions, please contact

We do not return surfboards due to their customization. Check all the information about Shipping & Returns here.

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Ref. 050UNPSUGL1

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