BIARRITZ 12-16 JUNE 2024

A 5-day multi-spot event between France and Spain, with its headquarters in the Village W&W, Biarritz.

Wheels and Waves is an exhilarating event that celebrates the perfect blend of two passions: surfing and custom motorcycles. Born in the picturesque coastal town of Biarritz, France, this annual gathering has become a must-go for motorcycle enthusiasts, surfers, and art aficionados worldwide.

Lightning Bolt stands out as a true embodiment of the event's Aloha Spirit among the many renowned brands participating in this festival for the second year.

Our participation at Wheels and Waves represents a convergence of two soul passions—surfing and custom motorcycles—resulting in a remarkable celebration of a pure source of energy in the form of art, culture, and adventure.

It is a testament to the authentic spirit of those who seek the thrill of riding waves and the open road while also recognizing the importance of preserving our natural environments.

Lightning Bolt will bring our unique touch to the festivities during the Wheels and Waves event.

Attendees will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the craftsmanship and attention to detail that our shapers invested in each of their signature surfboards throughout the Pipeliner Collector Series Exhibition at the Artride.

And for those who want to know more about Lightning Bolt and seek to be inspired by our founder's remarkable life and philosophy, a screening of "The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez" is on the agenda.

Lightning Bolt Tent

Step into the Lightning Bolt Tent at Wheels and Waves Village. Our space celebrates the fusion of surf and moto culture. With a full range of classic and new vision, browse the iconic Surfboards and unique merchandise.

Join us to celebrate adventure and creativity against crashing waves and roaring engines,
and we'll have a surprise for you ⚡

why simply be a visitor when you can be part of the action?

Experience with us at "Wheels and Waves" as a pilot , as a  surfer, as a skateboarder, from beginners to experienced riders 😊

Amount a full pack of awesome experiences we highlight:

The Village as the Headquarters

« Just Like Heaven» - The Cure

Headquarters, heart, lungs of the event, whatever the name, the Village will again be a major convergence point.

Looking out onto the ocean, this is the soul of the festival, the ephemeral theatre of an amazing show. Encounters are made, innovations disclosed, an explosion of creativity within an astounding cultural mix, surrounded by a unique atmosphere of music, the sunset, and the sound of engines…

In 2023, 25,000 people met there!

In 2024, we will be much more. The Village is a place of celebration and parties, with its prize-giving, DJ-set, surf contest on the beach of Milady, skate contest, movie screenings, and much more... A place for a «Rendez-vous» where the most beautiful and authentic stories are told and created in a unique atmosphere not to be missed under any circumstances! Live the experience.


« Do what you want, ’cos this is the new art school » - The Jam

Experience the awe-inspiring collection of the Lightning Bolt Special Edition surfboards from the 70s, crafted by legendary soul surfers exclusively for collectors. Come to the Biarritz skate park to admire these masterpieces, and even place an order for your own!

Also, multicultural creativity is exploding with daring, poetry, and off-beat! Between major works of art, radical visions, and forgotten know-how, this is the place to be drawn into a world of artists to be amazed, discover, and feed one's imagination.

Eclectic exhibition by essence, ARTRIDE IX is a timeless place where artists worldwide will express a stone's throw from the Village. Talent in photography, street art, surfing, skateboarding, custom, painting, and sculpture make the exhibition a unique and Instagrammable hot spot...

Want to know more about our collector series?


« Back to the ocean, you'll slide away » - Oasis

Dive into the essence of Wheels and Waves by actively participating in the Surf Contest. Transition from mere observer to integral partaker in the pulsating atmosphere of the event.

The essence of Wheels and Waves lies in its core discipline, reminiscent of motorcycling, where surfing in the "classic" mode on boards of at least 9 feet is paramount. Located at the heart of the Village on Milady Beach, Damien Marly and the Côte des Basques Surf Club will enliven the event for its second consecutive year.

With a dynamic twist at Milady Beach in Biarritz, traditional longboarding takes on a new dimension with mixed teams competing in the Duo Log Contest, an innovative format introduced in 2022.

Feel the excitement of riding the waves. Engage in a thrilling longboard adventure infused with the pure energy
of a Lightning Bolt beneath your feet.

Throughout the 5-day event, numerous contests will unfold against beach festivities, sunsets, and lively camaraderie.

More information about the Experiences and Locations at Wheels and Waves.


The unique Landscape

In summary, bolt your calendars for the energizing Wheels and Waves event in Biarritz from June 12 to 16, 2024.

Come and experience the fusion of surfing, motorcycling, skateboarding, and art for five unforgettable days in the Basque Country. And while you eagerly anticipate the excitement, relive the magic of past editions with Yoann Branet's captivating film.

Let's keep the lightning bolt spirit alive and continue rocking in the free world!

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