Unleashing the Spirit of Surf and Skate at the Skate and Surf Film Festival - Milan

Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of surf and skate culture at the highly anticipated Skate and Surf Film Festival! This thrilling event, set to take place at Ex Macello, Milan, from the 26thto the 28thof May 2023, promises an unforgettable experience for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. As proud participants, we are thrilled to showcase our passion for surf culture and art through an array of exciting activities. Join us as we surf into the details of what awaits you at this remarkable festival.

Film Screening: The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez

One of the festival's highlights is the exclusive screening of the film "The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez". Immerse yourself in the remarkable life and philosophy of our founder, gain insight into his spiritual connection with the ocean, his pursuit of balance, and the profound impact he has had on the surf culture. Prepare to be inspired and moved by this remarkable cinematic experience.

Lightning Bolt Collector Series - Surfboard Exhibition

Dive into a captivating journey through surfing history, where we proudly present a set of five limited edition Pipeliners by Gerry Lopez, Rory Russell, Reno Abellira, Barry Kanaiaupuni and Tom Parrish. These surfboards are signed by the most iconic shapers of all time, making them true works of art that embody Lightning Bolt's rich heritage and unwavering commitment to handcraftsmanship and quality.

Of special significance is a surfboard crafted by the legendary Gerry Lopez himself. This board, meticulously shaped by Gerry Lopez, stands as a tangible testament to his exceptional artistry and immense contributions to the world of surfing. As you watch the film, you'll witness the very same surfboards featured in the exhibition, further deepening your appreciation for the craftsmanship and history on display. It's a unique opportunity to experience the convergence of cinematic storytelling and the tangible beauty of these surfboards, creating an unforgettable connection between the silver screen and our exhibition.

Whether you're a surfing aficionado, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about the sport's heritage, this exhibition promises to leave a lasting impression. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to step into the world of legendary surfboards as you admire these timeless gems, meticulously designed, and shaped to perfection.

For a sneak peek of the Limited Edition Collector Series that will be on display, visit our website at Prepare to be transported into the world of surfboard craftsmanship and immerse yourself in the incredible legacy of Lightning Bolt. Make sure to mark your calendar and join us at the festival, where the magic of surfing history awaits.


Unveiling a Mural

Prepare to be mesmerized by an extraordinary mural created by the renowned artist, Marco Renieri, that will grace the festival grounds. With his exceptional talent, Marco Renieri is infusing the Lightning Bolt spirit into a massive canvas, fusing his creativity and passion.

We're thrilled to document the awe-inspiring journey of this mural, from the initial sketches to the final brushstrokes, allowing you to witness the captivating transformation firsthand. Make sure to follow us on our social media channels for exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and captivating time-lapse videos, showcasing Marco Renieri's artistic abilities and mastery in action.


Limited Edition T-Shirts:

We're thrilled to announce that we're joining forces with SSFF (Skate and Surf Film Festival) to celebrate the surf and skate culture throughout an exclusive collaboration.

The LB x SSFF Special Edition Capsula, signed by Marco Renieri, features one illustration specially created to pay tribute to Lightning Bolt’s energy and our founder’s unique style. The same art that Marco Renieri is going to paint on a Mural during the Festival.

The t-shirts and Hoodie of this Capsula are true wearable works of art, capturing the essence of Lightning Bolt and SSFF.


But here's the best part: If you place your PRE-ORDER until May 31, you'll receive some fantastic bonuses!

Not only will you secure your exclusive t-shirt, but you'll also receive a signed A4 poster by Marco Renieri, a stylish denim bag, and a 15% discount on your next purchase at



Join Us at the Festival:

We invite you to join us at the Skate and Surf Film Festival – Milan for an extraordinary celebration of surf, skate, art, and culture. Immerse yourself in the energy, creativity, and fellowship that defines us. Don't miss the chance to witness the creation of our mural, get your hands on a limited edition Capsula, explore the retro surfboard exhibition, and experience the soul-stirring film "The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez".

This is an event that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and ignite your passion for surf and skate.

Mark Your Calendars:

Dates: 26th, 27th, 28th

Location: Ex Macello, Milan, Italy



Follow our social media channels for updates, sneak peeks, and more exciting content leading up to the festival. We can't wait to share this exhilarating experience with you!

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