From the ‘70s to the present, Lightning Bolt has become synonymous with a lifestyle with an unparalleled historical heritage.

We are proud to encapsulate a profound philosophy, a lifestyle at its core. Today, the Bolt symbolizes the rebellious antihero, a testament to individual passion and the unadulterated connection between humanity and nature.

A sneak peek of the new collection ahead

This season, the main inspiration comes from the captivating elements and graphics that defined the '70s, merging them with a contemporary tribute to our roots and History: a unforgettable era in the World’s culture.


Key-pieces like short sleeved polos featured on the brand 70’s ads, striped and floral prints typically seen in Hawaii are back to this collection, mixed with new cuts and designs that reflect the urban influences.  

A cool and laid-back style, with contemporary interpretations of the 70s classic styles.


Get ready to ride the wave of nostalgia, a testament to the enduring allure of classic styles reimagined for the modern world.

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