Vitor Spottt

Vitor Fernandes (Spottt) has a passion for shaping and all the process behind the development and construction of a surfboard.

Versatile and meticulous, dedicated and focused on continuous improvement, he produces over 1000 boards per year.

However, he works and invests the same willingness and professionalism in all the surfboards.

Spottt himself recognizes Lightning Bolt's invitation to be an authorized and certified shaper and dealer as the high point of his career.

Vitor Fernandes (Spottt) was dedicated to the graphic arts for 10 years, until the moment he decided to change his life.

Driven by his passion for surfing, he started to design and develop some board models for his own use.

From this point until starting to create models for his own surfboard brand and founding Surfactory was a small step.

Recognized and sought after for the excellent and innovative materials used, as well as the quality of production, Surfactory is dedicated to the manufacture of all types of boards.