Paul Blacker

"The Most Underrated Shaper In Europe”, “one man
still makes every board himself, by hand”

Paul Blacker is one of the surfboards shapers in the UK who was authorized by Gerry Lopez to make Lightning Bolt boards, while he was working for Chapter Surfboards in N. Devon.

Later, when he settled up on his own, Ted Deerhurst Team Lightning Bolt came over from Hawaii specifically to make him for the second time Lightning Bolt boardmaker for Europe.

He was described by Ted Deerhust Team Lightning Bolt as "The Most Underrated Shaper In Europe”.

Year after year, Paul Blacker has been responding to Lightning Bolt surfboard orders. He counts now over 45 years doing it, with the old school philosophy and working methods.

He still makes every board himself by hand from start to finish, with the guarantee of top craftsmanship equal to Lightning Bolt demand for quality.

“Lightning Bolt has epitomized the dream of self-expression. The surf, the beach, the way of life that surfers want to live. Lightning Bolt surfboards are the dream boards to own. I believe Lightning Bolt has to be the most recognized, respected brand that has ever been created and sought after as it’s not just an individual shaper but a team of the world’s best and most respected shapers/board makers and team riders. To own a Lightning Bolt is to be part of surfing history of the 70s and 80s and it is awesome to see its resurrection again. History always repeats itself.

Surfing definitely has a humbling effect on the soul. Being involved so close to nature, the ocean, the earth and people, connects us all to the wonders of nature which has helped to guide me along the paths of life. Surfing, travelling and meeting people teaches a respect for others and life itself.

To get to the age of 65 and after 50 years of shaping to be officially made Lightning Bolt shaper again for the 3rd time, is the greatest accolade ever. It’s a lifetime award achievement to be recognized as one of the world’s best, but not from Hawaii, USA, or Oz, but the UK!!  Wow! I am totally stoked and one day will die a happy old shaper, hopefully, many boards from now. So, it looks like I can’t retire just yet, and thank you Lightning Bolt for striking me and relighting my fire”. Paul Blacker