Juan Diego

“Lightning Bolt represents a lot. All the motivation I had in my youth (…). High quality standards”

Juan Diego Evangelista has been involved with surfing for most of his 40 years of life. 

He started surfing at seven years old and shaped his first board at eleven years old back in his hometown of Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Since then, he has caught innumerable waves and shaped over 10.000 boards on his treks around the world.

Ten years ago, he opened his factory Cheboards with his wife in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It is at Cheboards that he creates and produces for local and international clients, as well as for a community of children which he’s helping to fulfill their dreams.

When questioned about joining the Lightning Bolt shaping family, he answers humbling:

“Lightning Bolt boards have high-quality standards and a unique symbol. We can make and offer
any shape and size of this historic brand.

I feel blessed with Lightning Bolt’s recognition as an official shaper. It adds richness to my life.

I’m not talking about money, but about work, family and, of course, surfing. I thank the Universe for this honor. It is a dream come true.”