“As a shaper, you are impacting lives... Building a vehicle that will connect a surfer to the ocean to create timeless moments and an experience that emphasizes what it means to be alive.”


Duke Aipa, Ben's youngest son and heir of the Aipa legacy, is carrying forward the AIPA brand, through embracing the essence of the true surfing spirit and its roots in a sustainable lifestyle. He believes that in classic surf culture and Hawaiian style, it’s more about the communion with the ocean and Mother Nature. That’s how he honors his namesake, Hawaiian heritage and family lineage.

We proudly bring Duke Aipa as an Official Lightning Bolt Shaper to the Team Bolt.

When asked about this new partnership and becoming an official shapper for Lightning Bolt. Duke responds:

“Aipa and Lightning Bolt are 2 of the most iconic surf legacy brands I can think of... Separately our brands have done magnificent things, together it's like combining 2 super heroes together…

We have a super-massive opportunity to not only pay homage to our individual legacies and surf history, but create something so unique that the young upcoming surfers can't help but get stung by it.

The Bonus?... Even tough, in my mind my father is the greatest shaper ever... for me, to be recognized as a talent good enough to be on the same team as guys like BK and Lopez is a whole other level of badass!”


We’re grateful to team up with kindred spirits.