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Lightning Bolt x SSFF

By Marco Renieri @OndeNostre.


Introducing the Lightning Bolt x SSFF Special Edition Capsule, a Capsule that celebrates both the surf and skate culture, released just in time for the 7th Edition of SSFF – Skate and Surf Film Festival Milano.

This release is a true celebration of art, talent, and spirit of adventure, capturing the essence of Lightning Bolt's energy and our founder's unique style.

“The artwork comes directly from my sea/surf related cartoon kind of style. I love drawing waves. I’ve been surfing and traveling for waves for more than 30 years and drawing a wave by just few lines has become one of my classics.

The inspiration for the surfer is directly taken from one of the most famous pictures of Gerry Lopez at Pipe. I’ve tried to recreate the fearless and at the same time casual stance that Gerry has. I love it. I'd love to have even half of it when surfing.

You’ll notice fish also, another subject I like to draw, gettin' lost in the scales circles and funny lines that define flippers and other curvy elements.

My real work is to find the way to escape from work and go to some sunny island with good waves, good friends and my family as much as I can.”

Marco Renieri, 2023